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Divorce & Property Division in Mount Clemens, MI. Also serving the Warren MI area.

Get Your Fair Share of the Assets in Your Michigan Divorce

Get Your Fair Share of the Assets in Your Michigan Divorce

The primary decisions to be made at the time of a divorce revolve around the division of marital property and whether or not one of the spouses will receive financial support. Financial support can be in the form of alimony or an additional share of the property settlement.

While Michigan is a no-fault state as far as granting a divorce, “fault” can be a factor the judge considers when ordering spousal support or the division of marital assets. For example, if there have been incidents of domestic violence in the marriage, the judge may order that the abused spouse receives more assets.

Our office in Mount Clemens, MI is conveniently located to serve our clients throughout the Detroit metropolitan area, including all of Macomb County, Oakland County and Wayne County, Michigan. Wherever you are in your decision-making process, you can count on us to listen, and offer legal counsel that helps you reach your goals.

Call 800-452-1761 to schedule a free initial consultation with a family law attorney you can trust to put your needs first in contested and uncontested divorce cases. Under certain circumstances, Michigan law provides for one party in a divorce to pay the attorney’s fees of the other party. Ask us whether this may be possible in your case.


Assets (bank accounts, stocks, retirement funds, real property, homes, etc.) are categorized as marital assets or separate assets.

Separate assets

are usually things you brought with you into the marriage, but it could also include an inheritance you received while you were married or money or property gifted to you.

Marital assets

generally include the property (and debt) acquired during the marriage. It can also include the profits earned from separate assets during the time of the marriage and promised future assets, such as stock options related to employment.

What About Devalued Assets?

In the current Detroit area housing market, more and more couples find that the amount they owe on their home is more than their home is worth on the market. An equitable division of assets will need to consider this, or you may want to consider a short sale of your home. This can result in substantial financial penalties or liability. We can help minimize or eliminate this risk as we divide your assets. We can also help you negotiate a short sale.

Facing Financial Difficulties?

Financial problems are the most significant factor contributing to divorce. It may be wise to file for bankruptcy before you proceed to divorce court. This can make the division of property simpler, and it ensures that one partner does not get saddled after the divorce with remaining marital debt. If you need advice regarding the best timing for bankruptcy in your particular case, contact the Great Lakes Bankruptcy Center at 800-903-1258

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