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A criminal record can hamper your success in life. A criminal conviction is generally a public record which can be accessed by anyone, including prospective employers, landlords, banks, schools and even neighbors. If you are being haunted by a misdemeanor criminal conviction, a felony conviction, a juvenile crime, a drug possession charge or certain other crimes, you may be eligible to clear your record through the expungement process, even if you have multiple convictions.

Michigan lawmakers have realized the unfairness of continuing to punish certain individuals for youthful indiscretions or past mistakes when these individuals have gone on to lead law-abiding lives and pose no danger to the public. In certain situations, past criminal convictions can be set aside or expunged, relieving people of the burdens of living with criminal records for the rest of their lives.

Have you found it difficult to find a job, rent a house or obtain a loan because of your criminal past? Would you like to have a conviction removed from your criminal record?

To discuss the possibility of clearing your record through expungement, call Coppins Law Group, PLLC at 800-452-1761 or schedule your free initial consultation with one of our attorneys.


Not everyone is eligible to have his criminal conviction set aside. Very specific criteria must be met before you are eligible to file an application for expungement:

Five-year time limit

A request to have a conviction set aside can only be made five years after sentencing or five years after you have completed any jail or prison term, whichever is later. MCL 780.621(3)

Nature of the offense

Certain crimes are not subject to expungement, such as: traffic offenses, crimes which are punishable by lifetime imprisonment (whether or not you were sentenced to life), crimes that resulted in a sentence of lifetime probation and certain criminal sexual assault offenses.

Number of convictions

The Michigan Legislature has recently revised the expungement statute to extend the ability to set aside convictions. Previously, anyone convicted of more than one offense could not obtain an expungement. Under the revised statute, a person who is otherwise eligible to file an application to have their conviction set aside is not rendered ineligible by virtue of being convicted of not more than 2 minor offenses in addition to the offense for which the person files an application. You should contact the law office of Coppins Law Group, PLLC to determine whether you qualify to have your conviction set aside.

Behavior since conviction and nature of the crime

When considering whether to set aside a criminal conviction, the court will look at the circumstances and behavior of the person requesting expungeme

If you have questions about whether your conviction may be set aside (expunged), or you want help with the process of clearing your record through expungement, we can help. To meet with a lawyer regarding the specifics of your arrest or conviction, contact us for a free initial consultation.

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