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Police Brutality and Misconduct in Mount Clemens, MI. Also serving the Warren MI area

The consequences for a drunk driving offense are cumulative. If your second drunk driving arrest was within seven years of your first conviction, then you will receive an enhanced sentence. Your third offense, no matter how old your previous offenses are, will result in a felony with mandatory jail time. Even if not sentenced to jail, the consequences are severe, and include license sanctions, drivers responsibility fees and hundreds of hours of community service. That’s why it’s so important to fight every DUI charge.

Immediate legal representation is essential to protect your driver’s license and your criminal record. If you were arrested for DUI in Michigan, contact the metro Detroit law offices of Coppins Law Group, PLLC.

Being charged with drunk driving does NOT make you guilty. Our DUI defense lawyers will aggressively investigate the circumstances of your case in order to get the charges dropped or reduced. We defend clients in both the criminal case and the administrative hearing before the Driver Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD) at the Michigan Secretary of State office.

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Are you facing criminal charges, or dealing with family legal issues? Both are sticky situations, so hire a trusted attorney. Call Coppins Law Group!

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